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In order to apply for a room, you must first register on our website and create a profile. (Link to registration form). Once you have registered, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as a room becomes available. If you are interested, you can click directly on the room and apply. As a rule, you will be informed within 72 hours whether or not you will receive the contract documents.

Please note that your profile will remain active for a maximum of 6 months before being deleted. If you are still interested in a room after 6 months, you must register again.

There is no waiting list!

PDF Mustermietvertrag

What documents do I need for the application?

A current confirmation of enrolment from ETH.

Can a room be rented even if I do not have a current confirmation of enrolment?

Confirmation of admission is mandatory and confirmation of enrolment must be submitted within one month.

How can I view rooms?

An appointment for a viewing can be arranged with the property manager,

For what period can I rent a room?

As long as you are enrolled at ETH, your room can be rented for an unlimited period. Once you have been removed from the register of students, the rental contract will be terminated within 6 months.

Contract termination


The rental contract can be terminated at the end of February / May / August / November subject to a notice period of 3 months.
Termination template: PDF DOWNLOAD.

The notice of termination must be signed and sent by registered letter to the following address:Livit Ltd., Ester Lopez, Altstetterstr. 124, 8048 ZurichNotice of termination will not be accepted by e-mail.

Can I terminate my contract outside the termination dates and without observing the notice period?

You can terminate the tenancy without notice. However, you will only be released from your obligations under the rental contract if you propose an acceptable new tenant to us in good time. The proposed tenant must be solvent and willing to take over the rental contract on the same terms on the date you return the room to us. Please note that the new tenant you propose must also have confirmation of enrolment from ETH.

Do I have to terminate the lease for the room if I go abroad for a few months and then want the same room again?

You can sublet your room for a maximum of 6 months. This means that the rental contract does not have to be terminated. Subletting is only possible with written permission from the management. If no subtenant can be found, either the room must be paid for during your absence or the rental contract must be terminated. It is not possible to reserve rooms in advance. Please note that the subtenant must also have confirmation of enrolment from ETH.

Deposit and payment of rent


The deposit corresponds to 3 months’ rent.
You can transfer the relevant amount via payment slip or using the following payment details:
Bank:UBS AG, 8152 Glattbrugg
Account holder:Livit Ltd., 8048 Zurich
IBAN:CH68 0028 3283 9754 1201 G
IMPORTANT NOTE:Payment notice:person no. or ref. no.
Please take into account possible exchange rate losses!

Payment of rent

We recommend setting up a standing order to pay your monthly rent. When we send you the countersigned rental contract, we will also enclose a payment slip showing the correct way to enter a standing order for this purpose.
You also have the option to pay your rent by direct debit. To do so, you must complete and sign the LSV form and send it to us in good time.
LSV form template:PDF DOWNLOAD

Moving in and moving out

Room handover on moving in

To arrange for the handover of the room, please make an appointment with the property manager, 2 weeks before the start of the contract.

Do I have to register with the residents' registration office?

Yes. You are obliged to report to the residents’ registration office of your district (“Kreisbüro”). Kreisbüro 10, Wipkingerplatz 5, 8037 Zurich

Room handover on moving out

To arrange for the handover of the room, please make an appointment with the property manager, 2 weeks before the end of the contract.

Final cleaning

Cleaning of both the room (incl. furniture) and the refrigerator compartment is the responsibility of the tenant. If cleaning is insufficient, a lump sum of CHF 250.00 will be charged for subsequent cleaning.



You can sublet your room for a maximum of 6 months with permission from the management. To obtain authorisation for subletting, please send a copy of the signed subletting contract to Please note that the subtenant must also have confirmation of enrolment from ETH.

House rules

Preliminary remarks

The property management company Livit Ltd. has an internal department specialising in infrastructural and technical building management, “Livit Facility Management Service” (“Livit FM” for short, hereinafter also referred to as the “Operator”). Livit FM takes care of the smooth operation of property management on site.

1. Courtesy / Duty of care

In the interests of maintaining good relations between tenants, all residents undertake to show courtesy to others and to use all rooms and facilities with care. All tenants are obliged to use water, electricity and heating in the property sparingly.

2. Quiet hours / noise pollution

Any disturbance of fellow residents is to be avoided. Music and conversations must be limited to room volume at all times. Playing instruments in the rooms is forbidden. Night hours during which noise is legally prohibited are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

3. Visitors / guests

The prior written consent of the lessor must be obtained for visitors accommodated by the tenant for more than 3 nights. The lessor is entitled to charge the tenant a flat fee of CHF 30.00 for the overnight stay of each visitor, however long they stay.

4. Festive occasions

The written consent of the management must be obtained in advance for all house parties;in addition, the management must be given the name of at least one person responsible for the party as well as details of the location and the start and end times of the event. The person(s) responsible for the party will be personally liable for damage of any kind in and to the property (including furniture);the person(s) responsible for the party also guarantee that all clearing away and cleaning up will be completed by noon on the following day at the latest.

5. Rights and duties of the Operator / establishment of residential groups

The Operator is entitled to make the necessary organisational arrangements and implement appropriate measures to ensure the smooth running of the students’ residence, in particular with regard to the use of common rooms and the provision of cleaning services. Residential groups will be established by the Operator for this purpose. Each tenant is assigned to a residential group. Each tenant must inquire about the schedules of the residential groups themselves by checking the notice and information boards;the Operator reserves the right to give personal instructions to tenants or residents in individual cases. The tenant undertakes to follow the instructions provided by the Operator. They are responsible for ensuring that these instructions are also observed or complied with by the occupants of their rented property.Instructions provided by the Operator must be followed. In case of non-compliance, the tenant’s rental agreement can be terminated.

6. Room handover on moving in or out

The handover of rooms on moving in or out is carried out by the Operator and is documented by means of written report. As well as specifying the condition of the rented property, the report also lists the room inventory, including information on the prices for replacement purchases. The lessor must hand over the rental property mentioned in the contract to the tenant at the agreed time in a usable and clean condition. There is no entitlement to the rental property and rental equipment being in an as-new condition. If the handover date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or publicly recognised holiday, handover must take place on the following local working day – with no reduction in rent.
If damage is discovered during the handover which is not noted in the acceptance report or for which the tenant is demonstrably responsible, repairs will be carried out at the tenant’s expense. The deposit will be refunded if the move-out has been completed properly and there are no claims for compensation from the lessor.

7. Keys

Door keys must be stored carefully. If a key is lost, the Operator must be informed immediately, and by no later than 9 a.m. on the following working day. The cost of replacement will be borne by the tenant.

8. Rooms

The tenant is obliged to clean their room and the associated bathroom facilities regularly, and at least every 14 days. The rooms and bathroom facilities are equipped with ventilation for hygiene purposes. To prevent damage, the ventilation unit and ventilation slots must not be tampered with or taped up. Likewise, no laundry may be dried in the room.
To avoid glass breakage and water damage, windows should be kept closed in windy conditions.
In case of violation, damages will be borne by the tenant.
Hot meals should only be eaten in the common rooms;the operation of hotplates, gas cookers etc. is prohibited in the rooms.
Damage caused by faulty electrical appliances will be borne by the tenant.
Nails and drawing pins must be fixed with care. All nails, drawing pins and the like must be removed by the time the room is returned.

9. Room occupancy

The tenant has been informed that the management cannot take gender into consideration when renting out rooms. It may therefore be necessary for a man to share bathroom facilities with a woman.

10. Furniture

The room furniture provided by the lessor as well as the furniture in the common areas must be used with care. No furniture may be removed from the rooms or common areas. Modifications to the furniture are not permitted. Damage must be reported to the Operator immediately.
The tenant is liable for ensuring the completeness and good condition of the room inventory during the rental period. A list of furniture can be found in the handover report.

11. Cleanliness / cleaning of common areas and shared facilities

Tidiness and cleanliness must be observed inside and outside the entire building. The common rooms and areas indoors and outdoors, such as the kitchen, lounge, terrace, bathroom/WC, playrooms, laundry room, courtyard, etc., are to be cleaned by the members of the relevant residential group in accordance with the schedules drawn up by the Operator. All tenants are obliged to participate in cleaning according to the schedule. If the tenant is unavailable, they must arrange for a replacement themselves, and inform the Operator accordingly in writing in advance. The cleaning material (hoover, mop and cleaning products etc.) is provided by the lessor or Operator. If the tenant fails to comply with their cleaning obligation, this shall constitute a serious breach of contract;after issuing an unsuccessful warning, the lessor will be entitled to terminate the tenancy on extraordinary grounds.
In addition, the lessor has the right to set a deadline for the members of the relevant residential group to clean up with the threat that, if the deadline is not met, a cleaning company will be called in at the expense of the members of the residential group.

12. Waste

Waste must be disposed of regularly and properly. Waste and other items may not be deposited in the common areas or outside. In particular, it is not permitted to store items or food on the window sill.

13. Common areas

Regulations for use (e.g. laundry room regulations etc.) as well as operating instructions for all appliances in the common areas must be consistently observed and complied with. Damage caused by improper use must be paid for by the person who caused it.
a. Kitchen
There are 3 kitchens in the property, each with 5 cooking appliances, crockery and other cooking utensils for communal use. Each tenant is obliged to wash and put away the dishes they have used. Each tenant is entitled to use the kitchen of their choice. Each tenant must ensure that their own personal refrigerator compartment is kept clean. The compartment must be emptied by the tenant on a monthly basis. The Operator has the right to inspect the refrigerators.
b. Bar / lounge
The lounge with integrated bar is reserved for the residents of the property and is not open to the public. The lounge furniture may not be removed from the corresponding room and, in particular, may not be used outdoors. Each tenant is responsible for ensuring the tidiness and cleanliness of the bar / lounge. For events with 15 or more people, the bar / lounge must be reserved via the occupancy schedule displayed. In principle, use is free of charge.A handover report will be drawn up at the start and end of each event and a deposit (CHF 200.00) will be collected from the tenant. If the bar / lounge is returned in perfect condition, the deposit will be refunded to the tenant;the accounts must be settled within 30 days.
c. Laundry room / drying room
A laundry room is available for washing clothes. Washing machines and tumble dryers must be used with care;the relevant operating instructions and any laundry room regulations must be observed. The laundry room and all equipment must be cleaned after each use. Laundry left hanging out or lying around for several days will be disposed of by the Operator without prior warning.
d. Music rooms
The three music rooms can be reserved via an occupancy schedule posted outside each room. Users are responsible for ensuring the tidiness and cleanliness of the music rooms. After use, all items brought into the music room (instruments, sheet music, amplifiers, etc.) must be removed. The management accepts no liability for damage to instruments left in the rooms. Bringing food into the music rooms is prohibited.

14. External areas

a. Terraces / courtyard
The terraces and the courtyard are only available to tenants and their visitors. Attention must be paid to ensuring tidiness and cleanliness. Waste must be disposed of by the person who produced it.
Barbecuing is prohibited on the terraces and in the courtyard.
b. Visitor parking
Visitor parking is available. However, these parking spaces may only be used for a short time (maximum parking time 3 hours). Visitors who wish to park for a longer period of time must use the public parking spaces.
c. Bicycle spaces
Bicycles must be left in the spaces provided. No bicycles may be brought into the building. The management reserves the right to remove improperly parked bicycles and to hand them over to the police.

15. Access to the living quarters / inspection

Access to rooms and bathroom facilities must be granted to the management and Operator at all times by prior arrangement. In case of an emergency, access must be guaranteed immediately. The kitchen and the other common rooms may be entered by the representatives of the management at any time.

16. Reporting requirement

Each tenant is obliged to report defects and deficiencies in their room and in the common areas to the Operator.

17. Pets

Pets are not allowed. This also applies to small animals such as rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, fish, etc.

18. Smoking ban

With the exception of the specially defined outdoor zones, smoking is prohibited on the entire premises.

19. Parabolic reflectors / satellite dishes

The installation of parabolic reflectors is not permitted in the room or in any other areas. Unlawfully installed parabolic reflectors will be removed on behalf of the lessor for a fee.

20. Lift

The regulations posted in the lift must be observed. Operating faults must be reported to the Operator immediately. The lift is to be used with due care.

21. Security

The front door must always be kept locked. The same applies to all other property entrances such as basement room doors.
For safety reasons, all corridors and landings must be kept completely clear. Therefore, no objects of any kind may be placed there.
For emergencies, a defibrillator and bandaging material are available in a generally accessible cabinet. Any illnesses that could endanger other residents must be reported to the Operator immediately.

22. Internet

Each room has an Internet connection. The lessor draws attention to the fact that it is prohibited to download copyright-protected or illegal files from the Internet. For security reasons, all Internet activity is logged.

23. Exclusion of liability

The management accepts no liability for the theft of items (incl. data) of any kind.

24. Amendment of these house rules

The management is entitled to unilaterally amend these house rules, effective from the next contract termination date. The tenant must be notified of the corresponding amendment by means of an official form.
Provided that there is no extraordinary wear and tear to the rented property and that no other claims have been submitted, the deposit is usually reimbursed 2 to 3 weeks after the end of the tenancy.
Please note that the final cleaning fee of CHF 290 mentioned in the rental contract will be deducted directly from the deposit amount.

Booking a guestroom or common room

Guest rooms

Are you expecting a visit from a friend or relative? Residents of the Student Village can rent a single guest room in Building B. This costs CHF 30 per night, and a maximum of 7 consecutive nights can be booked. The bathroom incl. shower is shared by two guest rooms. Bed linen and shower towels are provided. Link to booking. No pets allowed

Common room

If you want to organise an event, you can book the common room directly via this website. The 86 m² semi-circular room has large windows all around, and contains a bar with tables and chairs. The room is big enough for around 50 people and may be used by residents of the Student Village. A deposit of CHF 200 must be paid. The house rules for the common room must be observed by all users.
Link to booking


Detailed information about parking at ETH are available via the following link: or by calling +41 44 633 24 36.

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