Accommodation - Cancellation

Termination procedure

1. Fill out the Termination Form, sign it and send it by post (template available at:

2. According to Section 6 of the Rental Contract, “Termination”, you can terminate the room by giving three months’ notice before the end of February / May / August / November. If you want to leave the room earlier, it is also possible to terminate your contract outside these dates.

3. If you terminate your room outside of the months specified in the Rental Contract (requiring at least one month’s notice), we may choose to contact the new tenant you name or advertise the room on

4. The new tenant must create a profile on the homepage and send us confirmation of enrolment by email. We accept as tenants only students who are enrolled at ETH and are actively studying there.

5. When we have received an okay from the new tenant, we will issue a new contract. As soon as the contract is signed by the new tenant, we will release you from liability (in case of termination outside the regular period – otherwise you are released from liability at the end of the contract).

6. The handover of the room must take place in the presence of the Livit FM caretaker, Mr. Thomas Kappes. The keys are NOT to be handed over directly to the new tenant. We kindly ask you to make sure that both the previous tenant and the new tenant take part in the handover.

7. Contact Mr. Thomas Kappes,

8. As soon as the room inspection has taken place and we have received the report from Mr. Kappes, and providing we have your new address and bank details and no damage has been found in the room, we can repay your rental deposit.

9. If damage has been discovered, a final invoice will be issued and you will receive this together with the bank’s account balancing form. The costs for repairing the damage will be deducted directly from the rental deposit.

· You can terminate the rental contract effective the last day of the month or the 15th of the month.
· In order to repay your deposit we need the room inspection report, your new address and your account details.
· An internal change of rooms within the studentvillage is not allowed.
· The repayment of the rental deposit takes approx. 3 – 4 weeks after receipt of the documents.

Contact details for setting a date for the handover of keys:
Livit FM, Mr. Thomas Kappes, email:

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